About us
Founded in 2010, Editora Bom Jesus produces several literary works as well as textbooks, general knowledge books, e-books and support materials, for kindergarten through high school. Among its premises are the quality and concern with the significant results provided by its publications.
Teaching Material

Teaching Material

Thinking about the best practices and implementing the necessary solutions to advance the teaching-learning process, we provide works with a methodology that prioritizes contextualization, integration and interdisciplinarity, through an investigative approach and incentivization to the development of projects and research that extrapolate the school environment and that value collaborative work and the formation of learning communities.

The graphic design project contains differentiated pages, with images and texts arranged in an interactive way. There is also the concern to produce a supporting tool with quality complementary contents of extreme relevance.

Value Formation Collection

The Value Formation Collection, by Editora Bom Jesus, was developed with the objective of providing learning experiences that contribute to the development of concepts, values and attitudes that allow the transfer of academic knowledge to other experiences, awakening critical awareness and the sense of collectivity.