As human beings have had new needs throughout history, the places and structures in which they lived have also been changing, with the aim of achieving greater safety, comfort and practicality. Therefore, the characteristics of each dwelling are different and have multiple forms, depending on the country in which it is located, the climate of the region, its terrain and even the cultures and customs that each people seeks to insert in their homes.


  • Format: Saddle stitched binding, cover with soft touch lamination and localized UV varnish.
  • Size: 7.9 x 7.9 in
  • Pages: 20
  • Ilustrations: 35
  • Ilustrator: Evandro Marenda
  • ISBN: 978-85-8459-037-7
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The book Moradias is intended for children. With simple language, the texts provide information about the shelters of human beings throughout history. This sharpens the eyes of the children for the different types of dwellings, and also shows that almost all the areas of the planet are inhabited.
Through the illustrations, the work shows the different places in which dwellings exist, emphasizing the function of these constructions in the life of the people. The illustrations are clear and attractive, their purpose is to complement the text.

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